How to Reset Check Engine Light On RAM 1500

check engine light on

If you’ve noticed the check engine light on in your RAM 1500 during your Orland Park travels, you’ve facing one of several scenarios. You’ve either already serviced the issue, and the light resurfaced for no apparent reason, an issue triggered the light, or it’s a glitch that needs to be reset. If you’re confident there’s nothing wrong with your truck; this article explains how to reset the check engine light on your RAM 1500. Otherwise, any uncertainty should warrant a service appointment with a technician at Bettenhausen Automotive. 

Resetting Your RAM 1500 Check Engine Light

To reset your RAM 1500 check engine light, use the following steps: 

  • Disconnect the negative cable from your battery
  • Wait 20 minutes
  • Reconnect the negative cable

These steps should reset your computer. Older models may require you to drive the truck for up to 50 miles to complete a re-calibration of the computer. 

It’s worth noting that when you disconnect the battery, you reset the computer in addition to the security system and other electronic systems within the vehicle. 

Resetting your RAM 1500 check engine light is fairly straightforward. However, it’s important for Tinley Park drivers to understand what triggered the warning light if there’s any uncertainty. 

What Triggered My RAM 1500 Check Engine Light? 

Simple things like not having the gas cap secured or more complicated issues like a solenoid are all possible causes for the check engine light surfacing. Getting to the bottom of the cause is important to avoid any potential damage. 

  • Make Sure it’s the Check Engine Light. It sounds silly, but various warning lights exist on most new vehicles. It’s not difficult for a New Lenox driver to mistake a Service Required light for the Check Engine light. If unsure, refer to your owner’s manual for a thorough description of all dash lights. 
  • Tighten Gas Cap. This is the most common reason for a check engine light. Open the fuel compartment and ensure your gas cap is secured tightly without cross-threading. If there were any fitting issues, re-tighten, disconnect the battery, then reconnect. The check engine light should disappear. 
  • Check Vehicle Codes: When a vehicle is hooked to a diagnostic scanner after the check engine light appears, the vehicle returns a series of codes. Each different code identifies a specific diagnostic issue. The technicians in our service center have all the proper equipment to perform a diagnostic scan on your RAM 1500. 

If You Notice Your RAM 1500 Check Engine Light, See Our Techs at Bettenhausen Automotive

When you notice the check engine light in your RAM 1500, you should see our service technicians at Bettenhausen Automotive right away. If it’s a major issue, we offer service and parts financing to help avoid covering a major expense all at once. However, the chances are it’s a minor issue, and we’ll have you in and out in no time. Contact us at 708-840-8678 and ask for our service department, and a technician will gladly discuss your issue and schedule service!


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