What Causes a Transmission to Slip?

Transmission Cross Section Close-Up

Your transmission slipping doesn’t always mean your transmission is soon to fail – sometimes, it points to something much less drastic. It’s possible that a transmission slipping just requires a transmission flush. These components are incredibly intricate and also one of the most vital in terms of your car’s optimized mechanical performance. Understanding what transmission slipping signs include allowing you to stay watchful while you’re driving and hopefully help you identify an issue before it becomes unrepairable. The most important thing is to avoid replacing your transmission, and understanding the signs can help make this possible. 



Transmission Slipping Signs

A transmission slipping usually exhibits certain distinct actions you can easily identify during your Orland Park travels. Be watchful of the following signs: 

  • Engine chugs or revs
  • Acceleration is weak or slow 
  • Difficulty shifting gears
  • Grinding or winding noises
  • Strange burning smell 
  • Illuminated check engine light 
  • Your car bucking or violently jerking when shifting

One of the most prevalent transmissions slipping signs is the slowed response of your vehicle. If this problem goes unchecked, your vehicle might ultimately stop responding when you press the gas altogether. The most action occurs when you’re in the middle of shifting gears. A true “slip” of your transmission is when your car unexplainably and randomly shifts into a lower gear. If this occurs, your vehicle requires immediate attention. This puts a high amount of stress on the transmission and will ultimately affect other components like your drive shaft, flywheel, and even starter. 

Reasons for Your Transmission Slipping

Your transmission slipping is likely driven by one of the following causes: 

  • Transmission Fluid: Your transmission requires fluid to operate at optimal conditions. Check your fluid frequently and ensure it’s at the proper level. 
  • Defective Solenoid: An electromagnetic component known as the solenoid controls the flow of the transmission fluid throughout your vehicle. Your transmission won’t receive the proper amount of fluid if this part is faulty. 
  • Damaged Transmission Bands: Transmission gears require bands to operate properly and stay linked together. When these bands wear out, it’s likely because of a lack of transmission fluid. Regardless, if these wear down, they need a replacement part
  • Clutch Issues: Automatic transmissions use a torque converter instead of a clutch. However, if you have a manual, you’ll need to monitor your fluid at all times to ensure the clutch receives the proper amount. 
  • Worn Gears: Worn gears or a damaged flywheel can cause your transmission to slip. 
  • Torque Converter Problems: Your engine receives power from the transmission when the torque converter changes the produced transmission energy into torque. 

Bettenhausen Automotive Is Your Transmission Expert

Transmission slipping? Bettenhausen Automotive has a top-notch service department that’s there when you need them. We’ll diagnose your vehicle to find the exact location of your transmission slipping issues – and properly repair or replace all necessary parts. If you’re having trouble, don’t put it off any longer – schedule service today. 


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