4 Things Uconnect Can Do for You

March 27th, 2016 by

At Bettenhausen Automotive, we know the value of innovation. We embrace new technology that can improve a car’s handling, safety and entertainment capabilities. Uconnect, the newest in entertainment technology, allows you to connect to your car like never before. Here are four things Uconnect can do for you.


At the touch of a finger you can adjust your seat, control the cabin temperature, select a different song or make a call. Uconnect’s features are designed for easy use and access. Find controls on your steering wheel or touchscreen display-it’s all in one place! Not to mention, you can control many of Uconnect’s systems by simply using its voice command function.


If you’re the type that enjoys listening to music on the go, you’ll love Uconnect. With premium quality sound and satellite radio connection with 150 different channels, you’ll look forward to your commute. With rear-seat entertainment, your passengers will be entertained with movies, video games, and music no matter how long the ride. If you or your passengers prefer listening to your own music over the radio, Uconnect can do that too.


With emergency assistance and voice texting, Uconnect will help keep you and your passengers safe. Uconnect offers easy-to-use phone-pairing, so you can make calls while keeping your hands on the wheel. Parallel park and back up with ease and assurance using Uconnect’s Parkview Rear Back Up camera.


Uconnect will navigate, so relax and enjoy the ride. Using the best navigational technology out there, Uconnect will ensure you arrive at your destination. The navigation system displays easy-to-read maps along with audio turn-by-turn directions. Not only will it tell you where to go, but also how long it will take while factoring in accidents, construction and traffic speed. Explore some of our favorite things to do in Tinley Park to find out where to go first!

Whether you’re on a family road trip or just driving to work, Uconnect will change the way you see car rides. At Bettenhausen Automotive, we offer Uconnect as an add-on option with any vehicle purchase. We carry Uconnect for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram. If you’re interested in purchasing a vehicle with Uconnect, visit our dealership in Chicago, IL where you’ll find great cars, fair prices and the best customer service in town, with answers to questions like how to raise your credit score.

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